Boo! Pops

Ghosts Cake Pops
Tools Needed
White fondant (Fat Daddio's-FNDT)
Black fondant (Fat Daddio's-FNDT)
Circle cookie cutter (Fat Daddio's CKC)
Rolling pin (Fat Daddio's RPP)
Clean paintbrush
Work mat or wax paper (Fat Daddio's FWM)
  1. Have your cake pops ready to go as you would normally.
  2. Roll out your white fondant to 1/8" thickness and cut out as many circles as you have cake pops. Drape over cake pops.
  3. Store your extra fondant and clean off your work mat. 
  4. Take your black fondant and make three small black balls for every ghost. Two should be small enough to work as eyes, and one should be a little larger for the mouth. Press them down a little so they’re flatter.
  5. Apply a little water carefully to the white fondant where you want the eyes and mouth to be. Press the black fondant carefully on the white fondant. 

    Have fun experimenting with different shapes and expressions!