Pastry Baking Rings
15 shapes and hundreds of sizes.
Perhaps one of the most versatile tools in a chef’s kitchen. Our stainless steel rings are only limited by your imagination. Each ring is hand welded and polished smooth to a brilliant mirror finish.
Bake: Individual desserts, cake, entremets, and pastries.
Freeze: Great for layering and using as ice cream molds.
Cut: Use to cut out dough, cookies, and cake.
Form: Mousse, egg, or pancake rings and stacking foods!
Mold: Outstanding plate presentations like salads and rice.
Craft: Use as candle or soap molds or even napkin rings!
• Dishwasher safe
• 18 gauge polished stainless steel
• 15 shapes and hundreds of sizes
Measurements: WIDTH x DEPTH
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