How to Use Impression Cutters

Simple tools create fantastic appliques, swags, and embroidery.

Fondant Embossed Cookies
Fondant cookies
Courtesy of The Cakegirls.
Choco cut out cookies
Start with cut-out cookies.
Roll out fondant
On a lightly dusted surface, roll out your fondant with a plastic rolling rod.
Cout out fondant
Using a cookie cutter that is slightly smaller than your cookie, gently press the cutter into the fondant.
Dust the impression
Lightly dust the impression cutter with powdered sugar.
Press the stamp
Gently press the stamp onto the fondant. You don't have to stay in the lines!
Press the cutter
Press the cookie cutter back into the original impression. Press firmly and remove heart.
Glue on cookie
Add a little water to the bakc of the fondant and glue onto the cookie. 

Acrylic Impression Cutters

Professional results and details in less time.

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