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Fondant Coverage Chart

Help! My Fondant is Sticking.
Sometimes fondant can stick to your rolling pin, work surface, and cutters when you don't want it to. Here are three solutions to solve this sticky situation.
Brushes off fondant easier than powdered sugar. 
Useful on smaller detail work.
Can use less cornstarch than powdered sugar.
Too much can affect fondant taste. 
Can dry out fondant faster. 
Can be difficult to remove totally from darker fondants.
Powdered Sugar
Doesn’t impact fondant taste. 
Useful for covering a cake.
Brushes off easier than cornstarch.
Can dry out fondant faster. 
Sometimes makes fondant sticky, especially in humid locations.
Sugar can attract moisture and clump.
Doesn’t dry fondant out as quickly as the other two.
No powdery residue left behind. Great for black fondant.
Easy to put on fondant and rolling pin in an even coating.
Too much will break down fondant. 
May make it too shiny. 
Can be goopy if not applied carefully.
Fondant Shelf Life
It might not seem like it when you open that new, fresh tub of fondant, but that pliable sugar you’re holding does have a shelf-life. Fondant is highly sensitive to air and light, and if it’s not properly stored it can go from smooth and pliable to hard and cracking in no time at all.
The key is cutting out as much contact with air as possible. When you’re not using the fondant, be sure to wrap it tightly, pushing as much air from the bag as possible. Wrapping it in two layers of plastic wrap is useful, too. This will help keep your fondant workable long after you open the original tub.
It’s also important to store fondant in cool, but not the fridge or freezer. In those places the fondant may develop moisture, making it sticky and difficult to work with.
Fat Daddio’s Fondant tubs and bags are UV resistant. Fat Daddio's ProSeries fondant has a shelf-life of 24 months.
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Fondant Nutrition

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