How to Use A Bead Mold
Amazingly simple and fast to use. Just roll a string of fondant or gumpaste, insert into mold, apply pressure to mold, open, and release a fresh string of beautiful pearls, flowers or beads. 
Step i
Working on a lightly dusted silicone mat, roll fondant into a rope that is longer and the diameter larger than the bead maker design. 
Step 2
Open Fat Daddio’s bead maker and apply dusting powder, cornstarch, or powdered sugar to the inside with a brush. 
Place on top of the fondant rope. Allow the beadmaker to close around the fondant. Press all the way around the mold to be sure to get a stong impression. Using a plastic pastry knife or offset spatula scrape excess fondant from the bead mold.
Step 3
Open the bead maker to release the fondant beads. If the beads stick, allow fondant to sit a few minutes, or add more dusting powder before removing.
Step 4
Attach the strings using piping gel or water to fondant cakes, or directly to buttercream, whipped, or cream cheese icing. 
Great with any edible paste or non-food craft application.

Silicone Bead Molds

Make strings of fondant beads, ropes, and roses faster.

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