3 Steps to Leaves & Flowers

Creating beautiful flowers and leaves out of fondant is also simple when you have the right tools. Remember when you played with Play-doh as a kid? Making leaves and flowers is as easy as that! Silicone veiners and formers help you make intricate leaves and flowers that you can add elegance and detail to any baked creation.  They're ideal to use with gum paste, marzipan, chocopaste, fondant, craft applications and more. 
Fondant Flowers
Tools Needed
Silicone veiner/former (Fat Daddio's SV)
Fondant work mat (Fat Daddio's SWM)
Rolling Pin (Fat Daddio's RPP)
1) Roll out paste to desired thickness. Not too thin or the leaf will be transparent.  Not too thick or the leaf will look phony. 
2) Press paste onto silicone veiner.  Tap around sides to make sure you get the detail. For a two sided-effect, press both top and bottom of veiner between the paste.  
3) Trim excess paste around edge.  You can use a spatula, or your fingers work too.
3)  Remove paste from mold. Gently add leaf to baked creation. Color with an airbrush, edible glitter, the possibilities are endless.
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