5 Ideas for Ring Mold Pans

So many things can be created with a ring mold pan. Here's a quick list.

1. Shaped Cakes: Ring cakes, rainbow cakes and doughnut cakes. The ring mold pan is terrific for any ring-shaped cake ideas you have without all the hassle and waste of carving. 

The King’s Cake is a great Mardi Gras tradition that’s delicious, fun, colorful and ready for a party. 









2. Last Minute Dessert: If you need a cake for a pot-luck, an engagement party, an anniversary or a birthday, baking in a ring mold pan takes less time. The cake also looks great unfrosted.

Chocolate Mint Cake recipe

















3.  Ice: Perfect for decorative ice for your party punch bowls. Pour water (boil prior to freezing), tea, soda or juice in the pan and add in your favorite fruit slices, herbs, candies, or edible leaves or flowers. If you want, you can also freeze the ring mold in layers, alternating fillings for a colorful, decorative effect that will add to the flavor of your punch as it melts.

4. Jello: Jello in the ring shape makes a great centerpiece at a picnic or barbecue. Don’t feel like you have to stop at just Jello either—you can mix flavors, colors and even add in fruit or candy for flavor and visual appeal. Letting the Jello set one layer at a time means you can mix and match those as well.

5. Monkey Bread: Sure, monkey bread sounds a little weird, but if you like cinnamon rolls, then you’ll have to try this recipe. Bite-sized bits of pastry drenched in icing is the perfect way to start your day! 

Get inspired with Ring Mold Cake recipes.