5 Tips For Perfect Sugar Cookies

It's nearly time for the Christmas baking to begin!

  1. Follow your recipe.
    If, it asks for powdered or confectioner’s sugar instead of regular sugar, use it. Substituting ingredients impacts the texture and consistency of sugar cookies dramatically. 
  2. Room temperature butter is your friend.
    You want it to be soft, but not melted, so that when you cream the butter and sugar you get the perfect sugar cookie texture.
  3. Don’t refrigerate all your dough in one disc.
    By spreading it out over two or three (or more, depending on how much dough you’re making) it’ll cool faster, be ready to use sooner, and you’ll have more dough to roll and use out while your scraps chill again.
  4. Have the right tools.
    A stainless steel rolling pin thats chilled in the refrigerator will make the rolling process a lot easier and will keep your dough a workable temperature longer.
  5. Cool your cookie sheet.
    Let your pans cool some and run them under cold water in between batches of cookies. Putting dough on hot pans will cause them to melt some before they make it to the oven.