As Big as a Machete

Customer reviews of the Fat Daddio's CK-14 Bread & Cake Knife.
Wickedly sharp.
As big as a machete. You could fight zombie hordes with this blade... and it cuts homemade bread perfectly. Wickedly sharp.
By Swoem2 "Hawk" on January 12, 2015
Best thing since...well, sliced bread.
Wife got me one for Christmas for my home-made (massive) sourdough and country grain loaves. I can't praise this thing highly enough. Its heft is fantastic, the teeth are scary-sharp...and even with my thick-crusted but delicately-crumbed breads, easily paring off anything from a thick to VERY thin slice of an ultra large-diameter loaf is actually a pleasure and marvel. Finally, I feel like I'm doing justice to my breads! Love this knife, just in case it wasn't already obvious. I tend to be nit-picky, but really, there's nothing I can imagine to NOT love about this thing.
By Bon Vivant (life's too short for mediocrity) "Maestro LM"on January 6, 2015
So I feel like I'm a character in Star Wars...
I have to laugh every time I use this thing--thought 14 inches was the whole deal, but no, the handle is an extra measure. So I feel like I'm a character in Star Wars when I create a slice of bread. Know this; however-it is a terrific slicer. Follow the suggestion to saw instead of squash your bread-that way, if desired, you can get an even and very thin slice. 
By Clareon on January 1, 2015
We also make a 10" version for the less adventurous.