How to Mix Bread Dough
Not sure when to stop mixing bread dough? Take the window pane test...
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Slice Homemade Bread without Crushing It!
Don't make the same mistakes I did. Here are a few tips.
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Tags: bread, slicing
Artisan Bread at Home
Baking bread at home sounds challenging, but with a few simple tricks anyone can turn their kitchen into an artisan bread bakery.
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Getting the Right DDT
DDT~Desired Dough Temperature, can make or break your loaf of bread.
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Tips to Keep Bread Fresh
My family eats a lot of bread during the cold weather months (in the Northwest, that's a long time). I tend to bake extra loaves of bread so we always have some on hand for soup night or for a hearty stew. Storing bread correctly allows my to bake as much as I want with confidence.
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Common Bread Problems
Bread doesn't rise? Sticks to the pan? Tastes funny? Let's fix it!
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What is a tartine?
You might be familiar with the famous bakery that bears the same name, but what exactly is a tartine? Don't worry, we've got you covered...
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How to Proof without a Proof Box
We all want bakery style bread, but few of us have bakery style equipment. That doesn't mean you should give up your homemade bread dreams, though. With a few easy tricks, you too can look like a bread pro.
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As Big as a Machete
A few customer reviews of the Fat Daddio's CK-14 Bread & Cake Knife. We also make a 10" version for the less adventurous.
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