Flexibilty of Silicone Bakeware
From the freezer, to the oven and even the microwave, silicone bakeware can be used for many different applications.
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Cupcake Toppers Made Easy: Love Hurts
Nothing makes the pain go away faster than a cupcake. This topper is sure to bring out the healing power of cake.
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Tags: fondant
Reach Incredible Heights
You will love the benefits of baking in a four inch pan, but is reduced baking time one of them?
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Tags: 4, baking
Clean Safely without Harmful Chemicals
Every day should be earth day! Celebrate by using this simple, easy to make, natural cleaner.
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Cool Shape Tart Pan
"I wanted something with a different shape than just a round tart pan, this was just the ticket..."
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Cupcake Toppers Made Easy: Leprechaun
Delicious fondant folklore from Candy's Cakes & More.
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No Slicing Needed
Mini pies are perfect for lunch boxes, picnics, dessert pot lucks and a great way to use left-overs. And, there is no slicing needed.
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How to Make Chocolate Truffles
Making perfectly round truffles is probably not the best chocolate project for the first-time chocolatier. At least your mistakes are edible.
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A healthier baking solution
Believe it or not, aluminum is porous like a sponge and will absorb fats, sugar, oil, dish soap and detergents. That buildup, which turns into bacteria...
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Turn your Favorite Cake Recipe into Cupcakes
I prefer to bake cupcakes more than cakes. That doesn't mean that all my cupcakes are just vanilla with a buttercream frosting. No, I bake all kinds of cupcakes.
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