The Choice of Decorating Tip is Yours!

Metal vs Plastic Pastry Tips Explained
TIPS & TUBES, which are which?
  • Pastry Tips are generally considered the smaller of the two, or the tip of the tube if you will.  Tips are used for cake decorating, intricate details and generally working with frosting or icing. 
  • Pastry Tubes on the other hand, are the larger sibling of the pastry tip.  Like pastry tips, pastry tubes can be used for frosting and icing.  But pastry tubes can also be used with heavier materials such as chocolates, creams, jelly, mashed potatoes, egg yolks, you name it.
The only tip for many professionals.
Metal or Plastic, which one do I need?
  • Metal pastry tips have been around for years.  They are the first choice for many professionals, but this could just be because they are used to them.  Metal pastry tips are usually made of nickle and a stainless steel coating. The downfall of these tips is the durability.  They can chip over time, bend easily and lose their shape.  But for some people these are the only type of pastry tip they will use.
  • Plastic pastry tubes are relatively new on the market.  They are manufactured from polycarbonate and are completely seamless, transparent (so air bubbles are visible), and virtually indestructible.  They will never loose their shape like metal pastry tips, and best of all they can go into the microwave and the dishwasher! Gaining in popularity, plastic pastry tubes are versatile.
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