Cool Shape Tart Pan

Customer reviews of Fat Daddio's PFT-1375 13x4x1" rectangular tart pan. 
Worked like a Charm!
I loved it! First pan I bought from Fat Daddio's, I wanted something with a different shape than just a round tart pan, this was just the ticket. Cool shape and tart shell popped out so easily. I used the cookie dough/tart shell recipe from Gretchen at and it came out great! My daughter could stop eating it! I am definitely going to make it for all the Christmas get-togethers!
Holiday Rescue
I planned a chocolate truffle tart for Christmas dessert, then realized I didn't have a tart pan. Help! Amazon Prime to the rescue! I got the pan in plenty of time to make the tart. It's a good pan, well made and washes up easily.
By Lynn Craig "Cookie Baker"

So beautiful and so functional - Love it!
I love this tart pan. It is a classic shape. I made an asparagus Teleme cheese tart - and the pan allowed it to cook perfectly - the pastry crust just crunchy and light, the asparagus (coated in olive oil) cooked al dente and the teleme cheese melting all around the asparagus. Next I will try a Pear Chocolate Ganache Tart. I only wish I had bought 3 of these, since the asparagus tart is barely enough for two hungry folks!1
By Herb Lover
Cute and durable.
I bought Fat Daddio's Oblong Tart pan to add visual interest to my parties when making tarts and quiches. This pan delivers a very cute size and shape. It is also easy to use and is very durable. I would highly recommend.
By Tara L. Waldo

Awesome tart pan!
I just made my first tart with this pan, not my first ever, but using this pan. Since it is Meyer lemon season I made a curd, topped with fresh blueberries and a Swiss meringue. The dough did not stick and the grooves are a perfect fit for my fingers to press the dough against the pan. Great presentation!
By C. Freeman
A bakers dream
This is a fabulous pan it allows a cook to be really creative I love it. Would recommend it to my friends in a heart beat!
By Wendyholmesbomben