Create Multi-Color Chocolate Toppers

I used to think that those little chocolates with different colors were hand painted. I pictured an assembly line of people in white coats with artist paintbrushes delicately adding color to individual pieces.  I was sure that one chocolate took a great deal of time. In a way the chocolates are painted by hand, but not individually with small paintbrushes. I have since learned that adding color to your chocolates is a lot easier than I ever imagined. The process is similar to making filled chocolates. Follow these simple steps to create beautiful multicolor chocolates like the pros.
Chocolate Appliques
Tools needed
Two-Piece Chocolate Molds (Fat Daddio's PCMT)
Bowl of tempered chocolate
Bowl of white chocolate in the color of your choice
Offset spatula (Fat Daddio's SPAT)
1) Be sure your chocolate mold is clean and free of any moisture.  Separate the two piece chocolate mold. Place engraved mold on a flat surface. The engraved base lays face up on the counter.  The frame is added after the first layer of colored chocolate is added.
2) Pour your colored chocolate into the base.  
3) Spread your spatula across the surface. Gently tap to remove air bubbles.  Let set for 5 minutes.  
3) Once set, repeat the process with additional color of chocolate. Once the base has set, add the frame to the base.
4) Pour second color of chocolate on top of first color.
5) Spread your spatula across the surface. Gently tap to remove air bubbles.  Let set for 5 minutes. 
6) Fat Daddio’s chocolate molds are made from polycarbonate material that allows you to see through the mold.  If the chocolate has retracted turn the mold upside down.  Tap mold on the counter until all pieces are released. Repeat if necessary
The Fat Daddio's two-piece chocolate molds are ideal for use with fondant too!  Simply press fondant into the mold, remove, and brush with edible glitter or luster dust for spectacular shimmering fondant appliques.
For more inspiration, visit our Chocolate board on Pinterest.