Cupcake Toppers Made Easy: Flower Pot

A Flower For Mom

Happy Mother's day to all My #QueenBeeBakers♡
Keep working hard and being Kind!
Give those children a wonderful role model to look up to!

~ Candy RamirezCandy's Cakes and More

Tools Needed:

Fondant; brown, green, white, grey, pink and purple (Fat Daddio's ProSeries fondant)
Fondant mat (Fat Daddio's FWM)
Modeling tools (Fat Daddio's MTS)
Fondant knife (Fat Daddio's CKP)
Small heart-shaped cutter (Fat Daddio's CKC)
Chocolate cookie crumbs
Toothpick or thin dowel

  1. Shape some brown fondant into a flower pot, using your hands and using the mat to get a flat surface for both ends.
  2. Flatten and cut a small strip of brown fondant to add around the pot.
  3. Use a small heart shape cutter to form the flower petals (4 purple), leaves (2 green) and trowel (1 grey).
  4. With a toothpick or dowel wrap green fondant around to form the stem. Push stem in the flower pot.
  5. Pour finely chopped chocolate cookie crumbs into the pot.
  6. Form the flower with the four purple hearts, similar to  a clover. Use modeling tool to form indents. Stick a small ball of white fondant in the center of the flower. With your modeling tool make some small indents.
  7. Stick the completed flower on the end of stem.
  8. Cut the green heart in half (straight up and down) indent. Place behind one of the flower petals.
  9. With the grey heart stick a piece of small rolled pink fondant to the back, shape it as needed. Set next to flower pot.
  10. Place on top of cupcake or use as a small centerpiece.
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