Cupcake Toppers Made Easy: Think Pink Month

Pink Ribbon Tutorial

Cupcake Toppers Made Easy: Pink Ribbon

Brought to you by Candy Ramirez, Candy's Cakes and More

Tools Needed:
Fondant, pink and white (Fat Daddio's ProSeries fondant)
Fondant Mat (Fat Daddio's SFM)
Fondant cutter (Fat Daddio's CKP)
Fondant rolling rod (Fat Daddio's RPP)
Small crimped round cutter (Fat Daddio's CKC)

1. With your fondant rolling rod, roll out your white fondant, about 1/8 inch thick.

2.  Using your crimped round cutter (one that is about the size of your cupcake or cookie), cut out a round circle of white fondant.

3.  Using the small end of the decorating tip, punch out little holes around the edge of the white circle.

4.  With your fondant rolling rod, roll out your pink fondant, about 1/8th inch thick.

5.  Using your fondant cutter, cut the pink into strips. Fold the pink over on itself to create a ribbon. Transfer the ribbon to the white circle.

6.  Using your flower plunger, cut out one pink fonfdant flower. 

7.  Roll a small white ball, place it in the center of the flower. Place the flower on the white circle next to the ribbon, then top on your cupcake or cookie.

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