Cupcake Toppers Made Easy: Watermelon

Cupcake Toppers Made Easy: Watermelon

"This specific tutorial was made for the hot days of summer, super easy and colorful perfect for any get together or picnic!"
-Candy Ramirez, Candy's Cakes and More

Tools Needed:
Fondant, red, black, white and dark green (Fat Daddio's ProSeries fondant)
Fondant Mat (Fat Daddio's FWM)
Fondant cutter (Fat Daddio's CKP)
Fondant rolling rod (Fat Daddio's RPP)
Small, medium and large round cutters (Fat Daddio's CKC)

1. With your fondant rolling rod, roll out a thin layer or green, white and red fondant.

2.  Cut out a large circle for the base of your topper out of green fondant. Do the same and create medium white circle, and a small red circle.

3.  Place the red circle on top of the white circle. Place those on top of the green circle.

4.  Flatten by firmly rolling fondant rolling rod across the top of the circles.

5.  Slice into four pieces with the fondant knife.

6.  Create small black seeds, press on top of the red fondant. 

7.  Separate slices and place on top of your cupcake or cookie.

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