Don't throw it out... fix it fast!

It happens to everyone—you’ve sheeted out a perfectly even, smooth piece of fondant to cover your cake. You’ve rolled it up carefully and draped it over your cake layer and you’re smoothing it out when suddenly one of the corners tears. Don’t worry, you don’t have to start over. Instead just try one of these techniques:
Cracked Fondant
  1. Take some shortening and rub it over the crack slowly in small circles. Don’t use water, water will make the fondant gummy.
  2. If the tear is larger, put a little piece of the same colored fondant over it and slowly rub it in. Shortening can be useful here, too.
  3. Rotate your design so you can cover the tear with something decorative. (This is my favorite!)
Even professionals make mistakes, so don’t let this discourage you. The more you work with fondant, the better feel you’ll get for how it works and each time will make it easier.
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