Dress Up Chocolate With Transfer Sheets

Want to get the intricate and beautiful designs on chocolates like the professionals? With the right tools you can do it with little fuss and muss. Follow these simple steps to achieve professional quality chocolates at home.
Artisan Chocolates
Tools Needed:
Transfer Sheets (acetate sheets embossed with cocoa butter and powdered food coloring). These can be found at most craft or bakery supply stores in dozens of designs.
Scissors (to trim transfer sheets)
Confectionery funnel with piston nozzle (This is the easiest and cleanest way to fill the mold.  Of course you can use a ladle, but trust me this is how the pros do it.)
Bowl of tempered chocolate
Bench scraper (A spatula works too, but the bench scraper covers more area and gets the job done quickly).
  1. Be sure your chocolate mold is clean and free of any moisture.  Separate the two piece magnetic chocolate mold.  Trim transfer sheet to fit the bottom of the mold, place the two pieces together. Place mold on a flat surface.
  2. Fill confectionery funnel with tempered chocolate.  Begin piping chocolate into molds.  Fill it to the rim, its okay if it flows over a bit.  That's where the bench scraper comes in.  After each mold is full, gently tilt the mold over the tempered chocolate bowl.  Scrape the excess chocolate from the top of the mold back into the bowl.
  3. Gently tap the chocolate mold on your counter three times. (You can probably do four if you want).  This will remove any air bubbles.

  4. Place your filled chocolate mold into the fridge for 10 minutes.
  5. Remove mold from fridge.  By now the chocolate should have pulled away from the mold.  Fat Daddio's magnetic chocolate molds are made from polycarbonate material that allows you to see through the mold.  If the chocolate has retracted move to step 6.  If not, return to the fridge for 5 minutes.
  6. Turn the mold upside down.  Tap mold on the counter until all pieces are released. Repeat if necessary.

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