Fall Cupcake Toppers

Fondant Pumpkins
Tool's Needed:
Chocolate/brown fondant (Fat Daddio's Pro Series Fondant)
Ball or Cone modeling tool (Fat Daddio's MTS)
Work mat (Fat Daddio's-SFM)
Cornstarch or powdered sugar
Clean paintbrush
  1. For fall cupcake toppers, you’ll want about a grape sized ball of orange fondant for each pumpkin (feel free to change this depending on how much fondant you have or the size you want the pumpkins to be).
  2. Press the orange ball down a little so you have more of an oval (or pumpkin) shape rather than a perfectly round circle.
  3. Indent the top with your ball or cone modeling tool. If you don’t have one, you can use your finger tip for a similar effect.
  4. Using your toothpick, draw five or six lines from the indent at the top of the pumpkin down to the bottom. These don’t have to be perfect—much like in real life little differences add to the uniqueness of each pumpkin!
  5. On your work mat (or wax paper), sprinkle some powdered sugar or cornstarch. Take your brown fondant and roll out a long snake. Cut off as many small pieces as you have pumpkins and store the rest of your fondant. Shape small pieces into stems. Brush a light layer of water onto the indent of the pumpkin and attach the stem. Repeat for each pumpkin.
  6. Clean off your work mat. Reapply powdered sugar or cornstarch. Roll out a longer, thinner snake of the green fondant. This will serve as your pumpkin vines!
  7. Cut off pieces of the green that are a little longer than you want your vine to be. Carefully wrap it around your toothpick to give it a curl.
  8. Attach vines to pumpkin the same way you attached the stem. Brush a little water over the pumpkin stem area, then apply the vine. Repeat for each pumpkin.
  9. Viola! Pumpkins can sit out overnight to harden or be used immediately.
For more inspiration, visit Fondant Fun.