Get Flawless Cake Slices~3 ways

How to Get Flawless Cake Slices

First things first: Using a knife, draw a faint outline of your slices on top of the cake. Don’t cut yet—this way you can see beforehand if your slices look even and fix them if they don’t!


The Dental Floss Method:

  1. Get unwaxed (and unflavored) dental floss.
  2. Pull out a piece that is at least 4" longer than the diameter of your cake.
  3. Grip the floss at each end and pull tightly.
  4. With smooth, continuous motions, pull the floss through the cake, starting at the top and moving downwards.
  5. You may want to clean the floss off periodically with a paper towel.

The Hot Knife Method: Works great with both buttercream and mousse cakes (and it’s my personal favorite).

  1. Grab your chef’s knife (a Fat Daddio's CK-14 works well), a pitcher of hot water (running water works as well, but a pitcher is easier and more manageable), and a towel.

  2. Heat up the blade of your knife by dipping it in the water. Remove it from the water and dry it off with the towel.
  3. Slice your cake. Every other slice or so it may be a good idea to heat the knife in the water again.

Use a Cake Leveler: Fat Daddio's has two styles to choose from (Fat Daddio's CL)

  1. Place cake on flat surface
  2. Adjust the Fat Daddio's Cake Leveler to the the height needed
  3. Drag cake leveler across the cake surface.

For more inspiration, visit our Tips and Techniques Pinterest board.