Heart Stopper

Bleeding Heart Cake

We get it-- heart cakes aren't for everyone. They're fun, they're cute, but some peoples' tastes might run more towards anatomical accuracy. If that's you, or if you're just looking for something new and off-beat to try this Valentine's Day, we have a great tutorial for you thanks to Dina Cimarusti! Find more of her work on her facebook page here or her twitter here.

Tools Needed:

6" round, 3-4" deep red of pink velvet cake
Pink or red buttercream (3 cups of either)
Piping gel or raspberry jam (about 1/8-1/4 cup)
Red and violet food coloring
ProSeries Red Fondant (Fat Daddio's FNDT-RED)
ProSeries Pink Fondant (Fat Daddio's FNDT-LPK)
Fondant rolling rod (Fat Daddio's RPP-14P)
Fondant work mat (Fat Daddio's SFM-2436)
Veining tool
Knife (for carving)
Wooden skewers
Pastry brush
Making the Cake:




















1. Bake tall 6" red or pink velvet cake and let chill for at least 4 hours. 

2. Carve cake into basic heart shape. Try to give dimension to the right and left ventricles and atriums. 

3. Carve out cavity and ice entire cake with pink or red buttercream.

4. Roll out small piece of red Fat Daddio's fondant to fill cavity. 

5. Smooth fondant in and around cavity making sure there is no exposed cake. We don't want the blood seeping into the cake! 

6. Create blood by thinning down piping gel or raspberry jam, or coloring corn syrup red. Make sure the edible blood is very thin! About the consistency of cough syrup. 

7. Fill cavity with edible blood. Save leftover blood for later!

8. Cover cavity with more red fondant. 

9. Gently ice over the fondant with more buttercream. 




















10. Mix together red and pink Fat Daddio's fondant. About 70% pink and 30% red.

11. Roll out fondant and cover cake. 

12. Using a veining tool, add texture to fondant. You can use this tool to add depth and give more shape to the ventricles and atriums. 

13. Add large arteries and aorta by attaching fondant "sausages" to skewers and sticking into the cake. Add grooves to arteries with veining tool.

14. Add smaller arteries and veins by attaching with water and smoothing out with veining tool. 

15. Brush water in areas that you will attach fat layers

16. Roll out very thin ivory Fat Daddio's fondant. 

17. Tear irregular shaped pieces by hand and place around heart. 

18. Brush ivory fondant with water. 




















19. Using a veining tool, feather out the fondant to get a more natural look. 

20. Brush red food coloring all over heart. Brush color into fat layer to bring it all together. 

21. Mix a small amount of violet food coloring into the red coloring.

22. Brush the darker red color on various areas to add depth. 

23. Paint veins in same dark red color. 

24. Almost done! 

25. Using the edible blood, dab a small amount all over heart and in arteries. 

26. Add some blood around the board. 

27. Slice into cavity to make the heart bleed! Eat and enjoy! 

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