Hide the Crumbs Under A Coat

Cake design happens in stages. There's the baking and then there's the decorating. Each stage has different activities that need to happen in order to be successful. Crumb coating is a necessary step to create a beautifully-smooth cake. Some refer to crumb coating as "dirty icing a cake". Either term means that you apply a thin layer of buttercream in order to seal the crumbs for the next step. If you skip this step, your frosting will have bits of crumbs showing through. Learn how to avoid that look and get the sleek finish that the pros achieve.

Simple Steps to Crumb Coat

Tools Needed
Cake (well-chilled will work best)
A leveler, or a long serrated knife (Fat Daddio's Cake Leveler)
Offset spatula (Fat Daddio's Spatulas)
A bench scraper (Fat Daddio's Scrapers)
Turntable (Fat Daddio's Turntables)
Buttercream of your choice (Here's a great buttercream recipe)

  1. Level your cake with the cake leveler or cake knife. Slice off the top, so you have a nice even surface. Torte into as many layers as desired.
  2. Using your offset spatula, spread a thin layer of frosting on the cake board (or plate) in order to keep the cake in place. Place board on top of your turntable.
  3. Place your first layer on top of the frosted cake board. Spread a thin layer of frosting. Place layer on top. Repeat with as many layers as you have.
  4. Use your offset spatula to spread the frosting around the edges of the cake. When your spatula gets coated in crumbs, wipe clean onto an extra bowl. 
  5. Add more frosting to the sides, slowly turning the turntable with one hand and holding the spatula with the other.
  6. Now add frosting to the top. Smooth with bottom of the spatula.
  7. Finish smoothing with your bench scraper. Hold scraper on edge and slowly spin the turntable. 
  8. Refrigerate cake for 30 minutes. Now you are ready to add your buttercream or fondant.

The must-have tool for all cake decorators.

An offset spatula will keep your fingers out of the frosting!







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