How to Cover a Cake in Fondant

Tools Needed:
Your cake, any size with a crumb coat ~ Learn the simple way to crumb coat your cake
Rolling pin, a fondant rod works best (Fat Daddio's RPP)
Fondant wheel cutter (Fat Daddio's FWC)
Cornstarch, for dusting
Fondant leveler (Fat Daddio's FS)
Fondant work mat (Fat Daddio's FWM)
  1. Start by lightly covering your fondant work mat in cornstarch. Roll your fondant out to around 1/8” thickness (if using our fondant leveler, the black size works best).

  2. Carefully lift your fondant up and drape it over your cake. Sometimes gently rolling the fondant back over the rolling pin is helpful for the transfer process.
  3. Lightly dust your hands with cornstarch and smooth the top and sides of the cake, smoothing out any air bubbles, creases, or wrinkles you might have.
  4. Use your fondant wheel cutter to trim away the excess fondant from around the base of the cake. 
Don’t worry if the base cut looks a little imperfect—that can be covered with a border later! Be careful to work quickly when you’re covering your cake in fondant—it sometimes dries quickly, and once it’s dry it has a tendency to crack. Sometimes it might be necessary to knead the fondant a little before you use it, but be careful not to over-knead it.
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