How do I prepare my pan for professional baking results?

How do I prepare my pan for professional baking results?
CAKES: A traditional method using unsalted butter and flour is recommended. Shortening or lard can also be used effectively in place of butter. Many commercial spray release products are also very effective*. We recommend Baker’s Joy. 
*BAKING TIP: We do not recommend the use of olive oil or aerosol release sprays containing olive oil as they can leave a sticky residue, and may discolor the pan over time.

PASTRIES AND COOKIES: Generally, there is no pan preparation needed for these items. Most recipes have a higher fat content than cakes and provide a very effective release. If you are baking pastry or cookies with a low-fat content, you can simply line the sheet with a silicone baking mat or parchment paper.

BREADS: For first-time use, we recommend butter, coconut oil, canola oil, lard or shortening. If needed, dust with flour for sweet breads and cornmeal for yeast breads. After the first few uses, the baking surface will build a wonderful patina that will eliminate or minimize the need for pan prep.

PIES, TARTS, QUICHES: Most crust recipes have a high butter and fat content that will provide a natural release. Unless your recipe specifically calls for a grease-release preparation, these items generally do not require any pan prep.