How to Make Chocolate Truffles

Happiness is sharing a truffle.
If you have never worked with chocolate before I wouldn't recommend starting with molded truffles. It would be like tackling a wedding cake for your first cake decorating experience.  Maybe try some hand molded truffles, or simple polycarbonate open or half molds before stepping up to the round polycarbonate tuffle mold. Maybe you're the daring type that looks forward to the chocolate challenge. We do have to start somewhere.
I find that when you work with chocolate there are so many variables that can affect your end product. Was your chocolate tempered properly? Did you chill long enough? Did you chill too long? Did any moisture get in your mold in any of the steps? It takes practice. But it's chocolate, so who wouldn't want to practice, and then practice some more. Let me break down the steps for you. 
Tools Needed:
3-piece magnetic truffle mold (Fat Daddio's PCMM-36)
Confectionery funnel or pastry bag (Fat Daddio's CF-01)
Bowl of tempered chocolate. Check out How to Temper Chocolate.
Ready made cream center in a pastry bag — caramel or ganache works nicely
Chopstick or straw
Bench scraper or spatula (Fat Daddio's BS-57)
Round Ganache filled Chocolate Truffles
Makes 28 truffles | Time: 1 hour | Level: Difficult

Have all of your tools and materials together before you start.
Place the three parts of the truffle mold together. 
Magnets will keep the mold held together tightly.

Top piece - Hemispheres with openings

Bottom piece - Solid hemisphere cavities

Cover plate - Filling plate with openings

Quick Tip: If there is any moisture in your mold, your chocolate will not set correctly. Make sure it is clean and dry before you begin.

1. Fill confectionery funnel or pastry bag with tempered chocolate.

Working on a flat counter, begin piping chocolate into filling plate. Fill each cavity until the chocolate is level with the top.  Air bubbles may occur. Poke with a straw to allow the air to escape and refill with chocolate. *Here is the first of many variables. Let the chocolate set up for 8-10 minutes. This is forming your chocolate outer shell. 


2. Now flip the mold upside down and allow the remaining chocolate to drain out. You may want to drain into an empty bowl or back into your remaining tempered chocolate. You will need to shake the mold a bit while the chocolate runs out of the mold. The chocolate that remains in the mold will form your chocolate shell.



3. Use a chop stick or straw and poke a clean hole in any of the cavities that have formed a chocolate cover. Let the chocolate shells set on the counter for at least 1 hour, and even up to 24 hours. Time can depend upon humidity and temperature. *Variable #2.




4. Once the shells have set it’s time to pipe in your filling. With your pastry bag fill each chocolate shell to about 1/8″ from the top of the mold.  Tap the mold on the counter, to remove the air bubbles.  Be gentle, you don’t want the filling to spill out of the individual shells and you don't want to crack any of the chocolate.



5. It’s time to cover the filling and finish the truffles. Remove the cover plate and use a bench scraper to wipe or scrape excess chocolate from the top of the mold. Fill you confectionery funnel or pastry bag with tempered chocolate. *Variable #3. Pipe enough tempered chocolate to fill the hole but do not overfill. You want to create a nice, smooth chocolate cap or lid, not a dimple or bump. Tap mold gently on counter again to settle any air bubbles in each cavity. 


6. Allow chocolate to set for at least 1-2 hours. You can tell that the chocolate has set completely if it pulls away from the mold. Fat Daddio’s magnetic chocolate molds are made from polycarbonate material that allows you to see through the mold. If the chocolate has retracted from the mold you can move to next step.  If not, allow to rest longer, until sides separate from the mold. *Variable 4 - Your chocolate may have released from the mold during the initial shell forming stage.


7. Time to remove! Twist the mold back and forth a few times in your hands. You should be able to see that all of the chocolate has retracted from the mold. Pull apart the top and bottom trays. The truffles should be easy to remove. 

Why do I need THIS truffle mold?
Polycarbonate molds are the professional's choice for perfectly round truffles.  They save you time and eliminate the mess.  The Fat Daddio's 3-piece magnetic truffle mold allows you:
  • Fill cavities quickly -- makes 28 (18gram/33mm) truffles at one time
  • Smooth cover (fill plate) allows you to scrape excess with little mess
  • Commercial grade magnets hold the molds tightly eliminating leaks. 

Treat your chocolate mold with care and it will last for years. Hand wash or soak each mold in warm soapy water. Be sure to always dry the mold immediately after washing.  Use a cotton towel or cotton balls.  The molds can scratch easily, which can make your choco
late stick.  Do not put in the dishwasher or use harsh soap, bleaches, chemicals or sharp objects. If the highly polished surface should become scratched or if you have difficulty removing the product from the mold, use a microfiber cloth (like the ones you clean your eyeglasses with) and rub/polish the troubled area to restore the luster and beauty of the surface.
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