How to Trim Silicone Pastry Bags

When you have a new pastry bag it needs to be trimmed for decorating tips or larger tubes.

If you’re dealing primarily in larger tubes, you’re going to want to trim your bag yourself in order to accommodate those tips without ripping or smearing your design. Luckily, it’s an easy process that anyone can do at home.

Make sure you have your pastry bag, the tips you’ll be using, and a pair of scissors. 

Take one tip and lay it down on top of the pastry bag. Take a pen and make a mark about 2/3rds of the way up the tip on the bag. 















Cut the bag with your scissors evenly along the line you made. Insert decorating tip. Make sure that all of the tip’s openings are uncovered. If they aren’t, cut just a little more off the bag and try again. If they’re all visible, then congratulations, you have a working pastry bag ready to go! No need for couplers, the tip will stay in place.

















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