It's Not You. It's Your Pan!

Have you ever noticed that your cookies look perfect when you pull them out of the oven, but later they have darker edges? This is the number one sign that you are using the wrong baking tool. When you bake with non-stick cookie sheets or ones made of steel, the metal continues to heat the cookie even after you take it out of the oven.  It's time to stop fooling around with the wrong product and use what professional use everyday for quality results.
End the Madness of Burned Cookies
Cook's Illustrated recently did a cookie sheet comparison. (You can read it here). Out of 8 cookie sheets, they could only recommend three! Guess who made the cut? Yep. We've been making cookie sheets for professional bakers for over 40 years. Our anodized aluminum bakeware is the choice of the pros because it allows for even heat-transfer ensuring that cookies will be baked perfectly every time. Unlike steel cookie sheets that retain heat long after removal from the oven, our cookie sheets cool rapidly while maintaining the golden color you desire in your cookies.
What's Anodizing?
Anodizing is a process that is environmentally-friendly and eliminates chips, rust, cracks and peels, like non-stick pans do over time. Our anodized finish is harder and more versatile than natural aluminum pans resulting in bakeware
that performs better and lasts longer. It’s the ideal baking surface for all your favorite recipes. Here is a link to more info.
 Fat Daddio's CS-12516 holds one dozen cookies (1 Tbs portions) perfectly.
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