Make 10 Cakes From One Box

So often we have a hard time thinking outside the box...the cake box that is! The back of the box directs us to bake one 9" round cake. Boring! Did you know that one box of cake mix cake be baked into at least ten other shapes and sizes? A standard box of cake mix (baked according to the directions*) yields 5 cups of batter. Explore the possibilities! Click here to see our easy One Box Chart.

One Box of Cake Mix
TEN 3" x 2" individual round cakes!
SIX 4" x 2" mini round cakes!
FOUR 4" x 4" x 2" small square cakes!
This is two 4x4x2" (one box) stacked on a two 6x6x2" cakes (one box).
A mini-tier cake.
This cake was baked with a 3x2", 5x2" and 7x2" cake pan.
*Based on one box of standard cake mix and a large egg, with no additional ingredients added, and at sea level.
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