Make A Cake Just For MOM

Here in the US we celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May. In the UK it's called Mothering Sunday, and it's the fourth Sunday of Lent. In many Hispanic countries it's celebrated on May 10th. I think it's something special that most of the world has one day devoted to honoring mothers and motherhood. I'm sure that all celebrations are unique. But, I bet that every culture has a special treat that they make just for their mother. This year I'm making special mini cakes for my mom (who I believe is the best mom in the world) and other mothers that I want to honor. I'm going to convert my favorite chocolate cake recipe into small individual cakes. Here's some tips:

Mini Cakes For Mom

Check out How to Convert Your Favorite Recipe into Cupcakes.

Once your cakes are cooled, add a crumb coat of frosting. Learn more about Crumb Coating here.

Now top your cakes with fondant. 

 Roll out the fondant using a plastic rolling rod.


Gently smooth fondant over cake. Trim excess at bottom.


Decorate cakes with impressions, swags or cutters.


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