Not Your Grandma's Upside Down Cake

It is a classic and so versatile. There's no decorating involved and you can use any seasonal fruit and little creativity any time of the year. Maybe your grandma will argue this point, but I'm here to tell you that upside down cakes are simple, elegant and easy!
Upside Down Cake
My Grandmother said, "Watch Out! They don't always come out right!" She's probably right. Back in the day, upside down cakes were made in a trusty cast-iron skillet. Many times they burned and getting them out of the pan was ALWAYS a challenge. Cast iron is heavy and retains heat that can easily overbake your cake. The weight also makes it harder to lift and turn upside down with success. If your cast-iron skillet wasn't seasoned perfectly your cake will also stick and fall apart. But times have changed and upside down cakes are popular once again.
So what do I need to do differently?
It's as simple as using the right tool. Fat Daddio's bakeware is made of anodized aluminum, which is the perfect pan for the upside down cake. Not only is it light-weight, but it also releases with ease. 
Why is anodized aluminum so great?

Anodizing creates a non-reactive surface allowing you to bake a wider variety of sweet citrus based foods than other natural aluminum or aluminized-steel products. Fat Daddio's non-reactive baking surface will never stain or transfer contaminants back into your foods or flavors. This can happen when you bake foods such as pineapple in unanodized aluminum pans. Anodizing isn't a coating. It’s an environmentally-friendly process that contains no chemical additives, dyes, CFC’s, PTFE’s, or PFOA’s. Anodizing is the reason Fat Daddio’s bakeware will never chip, flake, peel, pit, or rust.
Home enthusisasts and professionals already know that aluminum reflects heat rather than absorbing heat like heavey metal coated pans. Anodized aluminum reaches baking temperatures faster and cools quicker so your upside down cake will not continue to bake once you remove it from the oven, which is why my Grandmother's often burned.
Are you sure it will come out of the pan easily?
When you prep your pan and follow the recipe, you will have a beautiful, tasty cake that even grandma would be proud of. You can find more information of pan preparation here.
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