Petit Four Fast Facts

Five Petit Four Fun Facts

  1. A cake by any other name. Petit four is a French phrase meaning "small oven" because they were typically made in a (you guessed it) smaller oven next to the main oven.
  2. Normal ones, not 'eating from a friend's plate' sized ones. Petit fours are typically no bigger than can be consumed in two bites. 
  3. Pour it or roll it. Fondant is traditionally one of the most popular toppings for these desserts, along with a garnish that reflects the flavor of the cake (ie: a small raspberry for a jam cake).
  4. Because who shows up for the tea part? Typically petit fours have been served during afternoon tea as a small, sweet accompaniment to the drink. Now, however, petit fours pop up everywhere from wedding to bridal showers to birthdays thanks to how easy it is to serve them in a party setting.
  5. But there are even more now. Traditionally there are three different styles of Petit fours. They are:
    1. Glace (glazed): Iced or decorated desserts. Usually sweet. Think little fruit tarts, eclairs, and any bite sized cake that looks too pretty to eat.
    2. Sale (salted): Typically savory. Think mini ham and cheese croissants, quiches, and (a little more American) those little pastry-wrapped cocktail smokies. 
    3. Sec (dry): Biscuits. Think macarons, madeleines, and tuile cookies (named after roof tiles common in the south of France, though tastier).
Want to try making a petit four of your own? We have a recipe for it right over here...