Pies for Picnics in Less Time

There's nothing like a picnic with a slice of pie for dessert. Cherry, apple, blueberry...they're all good. Save yourself time in the kitchen. Make your pie crusts now so you have more time to enjoy those warm weather months. I freeze the individual pastry dough, and thaw as I need them. I always found that the most time consuming part of making pie was the crust. So, when I prepare a season's worth of crust in advance I am ready to go with little effort.
Make Ahead Pie Crusts
Prepare several batches of your favorite pie pastry*. I like to do 7 batches at once, as that is about all my kitchen counter can handle. 
  1. With your dough cutter divide dough into 7 portions. Shape into balls and flatten slightly.
  2. Wrap each flattened ball in plastic wrap and then in foil. Make sure they are airtight.
  3. Label each package with the date and store in the freezer. Keeps for up to 10 months.
So What's Next?
When I'm ready to make a pie I pull out a package of dough (or two if it is a double-crust pie) from the freezer. I usually let them sit at room temperature for an hour.
  1. Remove from foil and plastic wrap.
  2. On a floured silicone baking mat roll out your dough to an 11" circle. Dough will be thin.
  3. Fit dough into an 8" or 9" pie pan without stretching. Trim and flute edge.
  4. Add filling and bake according to the pie recipe.
QUICK TIP: If you are baking an unfilled single pie crust prick with a fork to let steam escape and to prevent it from puffing up.
*3-2-1 ratio: For a 9" pie you need 3 parts flour (12 oz), 2 parts fat (8 oz) and 1 part water (4 oz) and a pinch of salt (1 tsp).
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