Save Time and Money in the Kitchen

Professionals use funnels and scoops to save them time, money, and cleanup, so they can get on with their business of baking and decorating. 
Perfect Portions. Every Time.
The confectionery funnel is the perfect tool for any baker or chocolatier. It makes filling chocolate molds easy, accurate and clean. Our confectionery funnel is designed with a durable polycarbonate plastic (did I tell you it's pretty too!) that allows you to see your ingredients while you work. The stainless steel piston allows you to quickly and accurately portion. This is the perfect tool for filling chocolate molds. No more wasted chocolate.
Our confectionery funnel is the perfect tool for filling, garnishing plates, chocolate dispensing, creams, or portioning. 
Unlike metal funnels, the plastic will not heat your ingredients and keep it at the temperature you intended it to be. Our confectionery funnel is a generous one liter capacity, so you won't have to refill frequently. It comes with three different sized nozzles, that are stored right in the handle, and rests on its own stand. Best of all, it's dishwasher safe!
Not Just For Ice Cream
If you've only used a scoop for ice cream, then you are missing out. Scoops make portioning ingredients easy and precise. They are the perfect tool for jobs like filling muffin cups, placing cookies on a cookie sheet, and filling tartlets. Not only will your portions be consistent, but that will also be cleaner, saving you from spilled ingredients on the counter or the pan. Your cookies will be uniform in shape, and your muffins will all be the same size.
Our scoops are available in sizes ranging from 2 tsp to 12 Tbs (6 oz). We make stainless steel scoops for every need in the kitchen. The most popular, SCS-35 is nicknamed the "cookie scoop", as it measures out 1 Tbs portions perfectly. All our scoops are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand while providing excellent balance. The spring is over two times stronger than other scoops, so it won't dent or break on the toughest of dough. Uniform shape and size every time.
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