Stop the fighting for the biggest cookie

Ever wonder how to get your cookies to be perfectly round like the ones at your favorite bakery? The secret is having the right tool. There are several ways to get perfect portions in cookies, muffins and chocolates.

Perfect Portions

  • Use a confectionary funnel. This is the perfect tool for filling up muffin cavities, chocolate molds, cake pans and even pancakes. 
     The piston control allows you to stop quickly when you've filled to capacity.
  • Use a scoop. Thery're more than just for ice cream. Scoops are ideal for portioning out consistent cookie balls, or for filling cupcake tins.
     So many scoop sizes available. Makes it easy to save time and money!
  • Use a pastry ring. Pastry rings are similar to cookie cutters, but you can do so much more with them. Cut out shapes, bake in them, or even use as a mold for ice cream, mousse, rice, you name it!
     Try baking your cookies in a pastry ring for a thicker, chewier texture.

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