Maple Bourbon Apple Pie - as seen on the Rachael Ray Show
"The Rachael Ray Show" featured one of our early products on their show, the lattice cutter, along with a recipe for a Maple Bourbon Apple Pie. We no longer make lattice cutters, but we still make the pie!
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Lacy-topped Peach Pie
For easy and fast lattice décor for the pie, try the Fat Daddio’s lattice cutter. Don’t roll too aggressively over the dough, just do one nice, careful cut and you’ll get beautiful lattices to top your pie.   Peach Pie Tools Needed:
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Seriously Cool Tool
I had no idea the tool was that cool! I actually squealed out loud! I couldn't believe how easy it was. At that moment, my boss turned to me shaking his head and said, "You had no idea, did you?!" Boy was I red!
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