Thanks for your fantastic products

I am a fledgling cake decorator, just getting up and running. I have always been a keen baker, but have had mixed results when it came to cakes. I had tried all the tricks - double lining, wrapping tins in brown paper, greasing with butter, with oil, with Crisco, lining with silicone, GladBake etc. The results were a bit hit and miss as far as baking quality went, and that was not good enough for me, or for my clients

I had resigned myself to buying pre-made, naked cakes and finishing them. This was not the ethos I wanted. I wanted to control all areas of my business, and to be able to be confident in the quality all along the way.

Then a friend told me about Fat Daddio tins. I was sceptical, but she loaned me a couple of tins to play with.

Since then, I have become a much more confident cake baker. I simply line tins with GladBake and away I go. Edges bake evenly and come out clean and sharp. The cakes bake evenly all the way through and no excessive rising in the middle. I don't have to waste cake carving bits off before ganaching. This saves me time and ganache. And saves my midline from all the Scooby snacks!

I still don't have my ideal recipes for some cakes, but now at least I know I have the baking side under control.

Thanks again for your fantastic products. I am a very happy customer, and will stick with your brand as long as you keep producing it!



Sue Jaensch
From Sue Bakes