Tips to Keep Bread Fresh

To be honest, I just love the smell of bread baking. I love the way it warms up the entire house. It's a true comfort food. The one thing I've noticed is that homemade bread doesn't have the shelf life of store bought bread. If I go baking-crazy, sometimes I have to actually throw-out bread (gasp!), because there is too much for my family to eat! I learned some tips to avoid this problem. 

Bread Storage Tips
  • Remove bread immediately from bread pans. You can leave in the pan for a few minutes, if you like a softer crust. But do not leave in pans. Your bread will become too moist.
  • Let your bread cool completely on a cooling rack before you store it.
  • Store in a sealed plastic bag. Bread can sit on the counter for 1-2 days (depending on your climate). Because their aren't any preservatives in homemade bread it will mold very quickly.
  • If you are letting your bread sit on the counter, only slice what you need. Don't slice the entire loaf, if you don't intend on serving it right away, as it will get stale quickly.
  • Store unused cooled bread in the freezer. Slicing bread ahead of time is recommended. That way you can pull out the desired amount and thaw.
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