Tools That Make An Impression

The one decorating tool that I feel takes a little practice to master, but gives you amazing results is the impression rolling pin. Sure, its pretty simple to use--just roll it on some dough and you get an impression. Getting results like the professionals takes a little bit of practice. But, it is so worth it. This tool works great with fondant, cookie and pie dough and even craft materials!
Impression Rolling Pins
There are simple steps to using the impression rolling pin. But, like the old saying, "practice makes perfect", it does improve with a little effort.
  1. With a regular rolling pin, roll out your desired dough to the size needed on a silicone work mat.
  2. Now roll the impression rolling pin over the dough. Be firm, but don't press too hard as it will stretch your dough out of shape.
  3. Here is the tricky part, moving your impressed dough to the cake or pie or application without stretching it out of shape. The easiest way to move it, is to move the entire fondant mat to your application. Gently slide the dough off the mat and maneuver to its final location.
  4. Lightly smooth the fondant, don't press too hard as you will loose the impression. This is where you will need the most practice. Fat Daddio's IRP-050 creates hearts, perfect for any special occasion cake.
  5. Fat Daddio's carries 36 unique and detailed designs of embossed rolling pins, everything from hearts to snowflakes, and even baby feet! All are made of rigid acrylic that is shatter proof and chip resistant. These need to be washed by hand in warm soapy water. Never use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads as this will destroy the beauty of your product.

Add some flair to cupcakes and cookies! 

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