Top it off right

Use the right buttercream for your dessert


Simple buttercream AKA American buttercream 

  • ​The fastest and easiest of the buttercream bunch to whip up
  • No cooking or carefully timed mixes
  • Refrigerates easily
  • Made of powdered sugar whipped with butter and a little cream plus your choice of flavors
Get a great recipe HERE

Swiss buttercream 

  • Made with a Swiss meringue, which involves warming egg whites and sugar over a bain marie (a heating bath) which dissolves the sugars
  • Great for under fondant, doesn't crust
  • Can be stored for 4 days room temperature, 2 weeks refrigerator, 2 months freezer

Get a great recipe HERE

Italian buttercream 

  • Made with an Italian meringue, which involves hot sugar syrup whisked into an egg white meringue. 
  • When combined with butter, the meringue creatures a very light, very fluffy frosting that works wonders for ‘sky high’ style frosting peaks and shiny finishes.
  • Perfect for decorating and covering cakes

French buttercream 

  • Similar to Italian meringue buttercream
  • French buttercream involves a hot sugar syrup. Instead of whipping it into egg whites, however, egg yolks are used. Soft butter is added in the final stages of frosting preparation, making this a rich fluffy icing.
  • Commonly used on cakes and cupcakes

Pastry cream-type buttercream AKA German buttercream 

  • A mix of pastry cream and butter (and sometimes gelatin, if a certain stiffness is required for the baking project)
  • Ideal between cake layers and as a pastry filling

Fondant buttercream

  • An equal mixture of fondant and buttercream. 
  • Has some of the workability of fondant but with a more buttercream-style taste than normal fondant. 


QUICK TIP: Some recipes call for eggs. Use pasteurized for safety.


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