What is a tartine?

Tartine: noun. A French open-faced sandwich, especially one with a rich or fancy spread.

Although this sandwich isn't really a staple in other parts of the world, it's growing in popularity. The open-faced sandwich is quickly becoming one of the big trends of the year and they're so easy to make you have to give them a try.

Why Tartine?
Short of saving you one slice of bread, why make a tartine? Well...
  1. The toppings are on display. Those beautifully sliced tomatoes, those perfectly folded pieces of ham, that spread that's the softest shade of just-pink-- you can see them all in a tartine. Visually, this adds a lot to the dish.
  2. Spruces up the everyday. We're all familiar with sandwiches. Chances are high you've had one today, even. A tartine, however, takes something that most people typically enjoy and makes it just a little bit fancier, meaning it's perfect for parties and get-togethers.
  3. No recipe needed. Use whatever ingredients you want, the combinations are endless.
QUICK TIP: Heat up a tartine with cheese in the oven for a delicious, open-faced melt.
Ingredient inspiration:
Need some ideas for what to add to your sandwich? Here are a few to get you started:
  • Avocado, tomato, bacon-- open BLT!
  • Honey, figs, and goat cheese
  • Roasted pepper, mozzarella, tomato sauce
  • Hazelnut spread, banana slices, chocolate chips
  • Spinach, bacon, mustard, and havarti cheese
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