Maple Oat Bread
It’s always hard to tell with store bought brands whether or not you’re really getting whole wheat bread or not, One way to solve that problem—make your own! This recipe is simple, straight-forward, and the bread can be frozen if you make a few loaves at once.
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Tags: wheat, bread, oats
Sandwich Bread You Remember
What makes a great sandwich even better? Making your own bread, naturally! It sounds like a daunting task, but with just a few ingredients and a little bit of time you, too, can make your own fluffy white bread perfect for toast, sandwiches, bread pudding, croutons, and just about anything else you normally use that other boring sliced bread for.
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Banana Bread
Ever notice how young kids won't eat a banana once it gets a few brown spots? It drives me crazy! I hate to see waste. So, as they say, "when life gives you spotted bananas, bake banana bread!"
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