Peace in the Kitchen
My dad was the one who always made fudge at our house. He used to tell us how difficult it was. He really went on and on about how labor-intensive it was, and that it needed his expertise. Of course, we all believed him, and stayed out of his way while he was making the anticipated fudge. After my dad had died, I took it upon myself to try to figure out how to re-create his delicious fudge. I giggle every time I make it. Because it's SO EASY! The joke was on us. My dad just wanted a few minutes of peace in the kitchen alone. Which I understand. Making fudge can be a peaceful experience. For 5 minutes you do nothing but stir, that's a long time to be alone for some people. I do try to make fudge alone, but I always know my dad's right there with me.
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