Why Anodized Aluminum?

Why Choose Anodized Aluminum Bakeware?

Aluminum is recognized as an ideal metal to achieve optimal-baking results. By reflecting rather than absorbing heat, aluminum reaches baking temperatures faster and cools quickly.

Fat Daddio’s bakeware provides the benefits of aluminum with the added advantage of a silver anodized finish, greatly-enhancing the baking process and delivering the best in safety and performance so you can bake with confidence. Fat Daddio’s bakeware is put to the test every day in commercial kitchens, bakeries and by professional bakers and decorators around the world.

Pans made of steel and even anodized steel are prone to rust, retain heat and continue to bake your confections long after they are removed from the oven. It is also true that not all aluminum provides an effective and long-lasting baking surface. Some manufacturers will finish their aluminum bakeware with a chemical coating to provide temporary protection. Most of the time the bakeware is not 100% sealed and the coating will wear off, leaching unwanted materials and flavors into your baking.

Fat Daddio’s goes the extra mile to ensure that your bakeware is safe to bake with and eat from. Anodizing ‘safe-seals’ the natural pores of aluminum, creating a baking surface that is:

• Thicker
• Smoother
• Safer
• More versatile

Anodizing is not a chemical coating, but an environmentally-friendly finishing process containing no extra metals and no dyes, CFCs, PTFEs or PFOAs. It seals the porous surface of aluminum to provide a safe and non-reactive baking surface, preventing fats, oils, sugar and cleaning agents from absorbing into bakeware. This helps resist the formation of bacteria and protects against abrasion so it won’t chip, rust, peel or flake and contaminate your food or deliver unintended results.

Steel or conventional aluminum bakeware often reacts poorly with acidic foods and may leach residual tastes or even metals into your product. The non-reactive surface of anodized aluminum makes it compatible with a wider-variety of recipes including those with citrus or tomato-based ingredients. Also, by preventing sugar from permeating the pan surface when heating during baking cycles, it minimizes the tendency for foods to stick. This offers a critical advantage when baking cakes, pastries and other delicate recipes.

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