Bon Appétit: The Best Baking Pans for All (Yes, All) Your Baking Dreams

Fat Daddio's


 Learn about the process and benefits of anodized aluminum, and how to extend the life and appearance of Fat Daddio’s bakeware.

Why Anodized?

Anodizing is not a chemical coating. It seals the porous surface of aluminum to provide a safe and non-reactive baking surface, preventing fats, oils, sugar and cleaning agents from absorbing into bakeware. This helps resist the formation of bacteria and protects against abrasion so it will not chip, rust, peel or flake and contaminate your food or deliver unintended results. The non-reactive surface of anodized aluminum makes it compatible with a wider-variety of recipes including those with citrus or tomato-based ingredients.

Handwash for Lifetime Performance

To maintain the beauty and performance of Fat Daddio’s Anodized Aluminum bakeware, our cleaning recommendation is a simple hand washing or soaking in warm soapy water, followed by a quick rinse and towel or air drying. If your Anodized Aluminum bakeware went through the dishwasher, it still has a lifetime of baking performance ahead. Simply season the pan with a few drops of good quality baking oil and cloth and it will be ready for future use.


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