Slice Homemade Bread without Crushing It!

It's the greatest thing since sliced bread! I've heard that saying a few times in my life. It didn't really mean anything to me since I've grown up in the processed food era. Sliced bread came from the grocery store in a white plastic bag with a twisty tie. It was always uniformly sliced and ready to be smeared with PB & J. Remember that bread? It was white and spongy. So soft that it would stick to the room of your mouth? That was the only type of bread I knew... until I started baking at home.
Today, I bake all our bread. Sourdough, French, whole grain, and even everyday loaves for sandwiches. But I have to admit, slicing bread is hard! It took me a long time to learn how to not crush my loaves down to squishy bars. I ruined a lot of perfectly good loaves of bread by attempting to slice it. Don't make the same mistakes I did. Here's some tips.
How to Slice Homemade Bread without Crushing It!
  • Always use a serrated bread knife! A nice long serrated knife is ideal. Don't try to cheat and use a small steak knife. You will make a mess and be disappointed in your bread.
  • Cooled bread is the easiest to slice. But if you must slice the warm bread, turn it on its side, to prevent squishing.
  • Use a gentle sawing motion when slicing through the crust.
  • Only place a small amount of pressure on the bread when you slice. Be gentle.

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