Bon Appétit: The Best Baking Pans for All (Yes, All) Your Baking Dreams

Fat Daddio's

Generally, bread sticking to the pan is caused by one of two things: the coating in the pan or the temperature the bread was baked. Bread baked too hot will turn out gummy and dense, and will not have that perfect spring you are looking for.

Bread Stuck To The Pan

Coating the Pan: If you are using a Fat Daddio’s bread pan for first time, we recommend using melted butter, grease, coconut oil, canola oil, or shortening. Avoid using olive oil (or sprays that contain olive oil). After that:

  • Sweet breads: (ex. brioche, challah, quick breads) stop after the butter or other shortening.
  • Yeast breads: You can dust with cornmeal to provide additional release.


Many bread pans on the market today are made of heavy, dark steel. Fat Daddio’s bread pans are made of anodized aluminum. Anodized aluminum conducts heat more efficiently than steel pans, Fat Daddio’s bread pans will bake bread more evenly and also cool faster eliminating overbaking right in the pan. This will give your bread an even color throughout. Most recipes do not take into account the material of the pan you are using. With this information in mind, it is important to make the following adjustments:

  • Adjust the temperature down 25 to 30° F (approx. 4° C) from the recipe.
  • Pay attention to the baking cycle. Record your baking time on your recipe for future baking.

After the first few uses, the surface tends to build a wonderful patina that will eliminate or minimize the need for pan prep.

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