Bon Appétit: The Best Baking Pans for All (Yes, All) Your Baking Dreams

Fat Daddio's

Having problems with cookies? Use this guide to prevent or troubleshoot issues while baking your next batch.

Dense or too hardInsufficient liquid in the dough, insufficient fat content in the dough, too much flour, overmixedAdjust recipe/measure carefully, add eggs, adjust the recipe/measure fat carefully, adjust the recipe/measure cream carefully, don’t overmix when adding dry ingredients
ToughOver-baked, improper flour used, too much flour in dough, not enough fat in dough, not enough sugar in dough, dough overmixed, dough reworked from rollingRemove from oven promptly, use lower-protein flour, adjust recipe/measure carefully, adjust recipe/measure carefully, adjust recipe/measure carefully, do not overmix after adding dry ingredients, roll dough carefully, do no re-roll scrap dough
Too crumblyLacks gluten development; too much leavener, fat or sugar used in the dough; too few eggs in the dough, dough is too thinMix longer, use high-protein flour, adjust recipe/measure carefully, adjust recipe/measure eggs carefully, roll or cut dough thicker
Flatten and spread too muchWrong type of flour used, too little flour in dough; too much leavener, fat or liquid; over-greased cookie sheets, dough was too warm before baking, oven is too coolUse a high-protein flour, adjust recipe/measure carefully, grease pans carefully, chill dough thoroughly prior to use, adjust oven temp
Does not spreadWrong type of flour used, too much flour in dough, wrong fat used; too little sugar, leavener or liquid used; improperly mixed, dough is too thick, oven is too hotUse lower-protein flour, adjust recipe/measure carefully, replace shortening with butter or oil, adjust recipe/measure carefully, cream fat and sugar properly; roll/cut thinner, bake longer; adjust oven temp, bake for longer period
Too paleInsufficient sugar content in dough, oven is too cool, underbakedAdjust recipe/measure sugar carefully, adjust oven temp, bake for a longer period
Burned or too darkToo much sugar in dough, oven temp too hot, cookies overbaked, uneven oven heatAdjust recipe/measure sugar carefully, adjust the oven temp, remove cookies promptly, rotate pans in oven
Poor flavorPoor ingredients, unclean pansCheck freshness, smell and flavor of ingredients; do not use rancid fats or re-use parchment paper

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